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What is AAW, L3C?

What is AAW, L3C?

AAW is arranged as a Low Profit, Limited Liability, (L3C) Social Enterprise

History of Adopt-A-Watt® Sponsorship:

To better reflect our mission of supporting infrastructure upgrades via innovative financing the Adopt-A-Watt, L3C. name was officially changed to AAW Infrastructure Partners, L3C.

Adopt-A-Watt® received a Presidential Letter of Congratulations and was featured at the White House.Locally, this initiative enjoys the support of Michigan’s Energy Office, and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) of Southeastern Michigan, as well as, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 58, and is supported by many Michigan elected officials, including both Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Gary Peters.


History of AAW Notes:

While sponsorship has been useful for funding lighting upgrades, we recognize the need for additional means of funding the enormous needs of infrastructure improvements.  To assist our efforts, we have developed a hybrid product of sponsorship, and interest bearing debt instruments.  Sponsorship revenue, utilized for paying interest creates, for the first time, a truly sustainable means of funding infrastructure upgrades and a ‘perfect’ P3 model.

History of AAW ‘Advergaming’:

AAW develops and runs daily/weekly Advergames online, encouraging ‘players’ to visit AAW sponsors businesses.  When ‘players’ find clues at these businesses, they are rewarded with discounts and other case incentives by the local merchant. 

Current ‘free’ digital games, do not offer financial rewards.  The AAW Advergaming model offers cash rewards, and does not require an entry fee.


Collectively, these democratized investment and marketing innovations, are helping America rebuild its decaying infrastructure, while creating new jobs and stimulating local economies.